April 20, 2012

Become a Google Doodler

Become a Google Doodler - Apply now!

Women's Day 2012
Woman's Day 2012
Designers, creatives, and illustrators pay attention: Google is desperatly looking for a full-time «doodler».

What is a doodler? The doodlers are those designers that every day reinterpret the Google logo in different amazing ways using as main inspirational driver a specific event that happened in the past.
Ernest Shackleton's Birthday
This represents a great example of gamification since it is an engaging way to spread information among all Internet users in a non-gaming context, like the homepage of a web search engine.

In particular, google doodle daily provides information on some specific historical events or commemorations that we would never have known otherwise.
Some examples of google doodles are related to the date of birth of an important personality, date of an important discovery, commemoration of a day, etc.

The job offer has been recently published some days ago on the Google website on the section jobs.
Anniversary of the First Man in the Space
The only requisites are a strong “sense of humour” and a passion for all the historic, artistic and creative things.
Surely, the candidates need to be able to draw, but remember that it’s the first impression the most important one!

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