June 9, 2012

Chess and Gamification

#3 in "Gamification Chess", #1 in Amusing Chess Pictures

Say what you will about will about IE students, but we do not rest on our laurels.  Upon seeing that we were #3 in the Google Rankings for "Gamification Chess", we decided that we would not stop writing about the subject until we are #1.  You've been put on notice Game Craft.

Anyways, while I am hoping this post isn't too esoteric, the fact is that studying the game of chess has historically been a rather dull activity.  While this may seem odd given that you're studying for a game, the fact is true.  The tried-and-true method has always been to study the games of former masters, while at the same time delving deep into books upon books of theory.  I can honestly say that after the 20th book discussing the benefits of 2... exf4*, I nearly gave up on the game out of boredom.

However, thankfully the chess community developed ways to gamify learning about the game.  Using elements of gamification, Conventka offered software to make the study of tactics interesting.  Building on this and on the concept of collective intelligence, Chessgames.com has gamified the study of chess even further... by implementing a ranking system as well as puzzles everyday for its members.  Similarly, it has provided a social platform that enhances gamification so that studying games and tactics is no longer a monotonous activity.

As a user of the aforementioned systems, I can honestly say that it has kept me in the game much longer than I would've been without said services.  If it can maintain my interest in chess, imagine what it can do for society as a whole.

* +10 points to whoever can tell me what this basic opening is in the comments

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