May 26, 2012

Gamification in Indian Education

Will gamification in India lead to more Chess champions?
Sorry, had to get my chess picture quota of the day

My previous article on Gamification within Education dealt with the general concept; however a new story recently came out about gamification within the Indian education system.  To quote the piece:

Gamification, or using gaming techniques to explain concepts, is a happening trend among Indian students these days. It has been identified as among the Top-10 technology trends for 2012 by audit and consultancy firm Deloitte., for one, has over 10,000 users logging in just a month after its launch in India. 

 This just further goes to show that not only is gamification a major education issue, but it is also a business as well.  The article (which you can find here) talks about how gamification in India affects both the young and the old.  Therefore not only does it go across educational subjects, but it pretty much can be applied to everyone from ages 3 to 103 (Sorry great-grandma!).

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