June 2, 2012

IE Business School Gamified!

Continuing our focus on education, we would like to provide you a great and succesful example of gamification applied in an academic environment. Specifically, IE Business School is one of the most active business school in the world in offering innovative and engaging teaching techniques to its MBA and Master's students. At IE, faculty members continuously ask themselves: how can we enhance the learning experience of our students in the most effective way?

The result of this constant research is that nowadays interactive tools, on-line gamified lectures and business cases are adopted daily in many classes at IE.

A key person who is investing great efforts in making this tecnique more and more popular is the economics professor Gayle Allard. Thanks to her contribution, the business school has developed two interesting games to teach the economics dynamics in the real world.

The latest game just released by IE is "10 Downing Street", an economic policy simulation game in which students adopt the role of the British prime minister.

Furthermore, "10 Downing Street" game provided IE with a wide coverage in the main international newspapers as recently written in an article in the New York Times and El Pais

Previously, Ms. Allard launched another very popular game "Making money on oil" that is currently used by many students. In this game, students are commodity traders betting on the evolution of the oil price consequently to certain events.

As current IE students, we had the opportunity to directly experience this game during the Managerial Economics class with Professor Allard. It has been absolutely a great way to understand the economics dynamics in a extremely funny, engaging and challenging way!

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