April 12, 2012

What is gamification?

Who are we?
We are a group of professionals from different backgrounds with a keen interest in the latest applications of gamification to business. We come from HR, Advertising, Education and Consulting,  so you can be sure that the info we will share will reflect this diversity.
What is gamification?

One definition of gamification is that it consists of applying game mechanics (e.g. points, badges, leader boards, challenges) to any activity to encourage or modify certain behavior. What this really means is that through gamification our everyday less than glamorous activities can become fun and exciting. 

Gamification allows companies to engage their consumers in a way that is rewarding and makes us feel part of a community. Some clear examples of gamification are:
  • Nike+ where you can compare your running stats with others.
  • Foursquare rewards you with badges for exploring your  neighborhood hangout spots.
  • Epic Win gives you points for completing your everyday chores. 
Gamification has applications in several industries: health, art, entertainment, design, social good and many others that we will explore throughout the next couple of months, so please come back and feel free to comment.


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