April 24, 2012

Why does it Work? - Future of Gamification.

 ‘’why does Gamification work?’’

The concept of ‘’games’’ is adopted in this regard, since by human nature (for elders as much as it is for youngsters), games satisfy ones curiosity. 

Many reasons as to why people may love such games, and yes, some get addicted to them. One can think of the stress relief and relaxation these games provide, as they trigger a different part of the brains. The new broad dimension of social networking and mental simulation are yet other reasons that are driving these numbers higher with every tick of the clock. 
Not to miss on the competitive spirit, the fun and the excitement this tool provides to the user… a set of reasons that a Tv, a radio or a billboard lack in the 21st century!

Gamification is the future:

The following schematic shows the spot gamification occupies with respect to other emerging technologies in the year 2011, taken from: www.bunnerworks.com

According to www.mashable.com, in an article written by Sarah Kessler, the number of players per day that play social games has jumped over 30 million players worldwide. When comparing this number to 24 million views for the prime TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ one got to pause and think twice of the power this social gaming has!

According to the same article, some 56 million Americans spend their time playing social games !!!

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