May 29, 2012



In previous blog postings, we have defined Gamification, shown statistical data on Gamification utilization in different businesses, and gave examples on different industries that use Gamification (Health & Education). Now comes the time to MEET NITRO!

Nitro, a product introduced by BunchBall [an industry leader in gamification, founded on 2005, based in silion valley] - is a cloud-based platform that promises to bring gamification to your doorstep! According to, “Nitro currently serves up to 70 million unique users and 2.3 billion actions each month”. These numbers are worth a pause!

What does Nitro do? 

Nitro basically employs game mechanics to any website or online service, in order to elevate/ push engagement and loyalty in your community to the next level. Think of it as spicing up your site or online service, in a smart way, that enables you to keep the reader/ participant coming over and over, Grow your audience, and Turn USERS into FANS, Increase sales & productivity…


What are your viewers doing? Results of viewer’s behaviors? Rewards change without re-engineering? Users behavior analysis?
Utilizing NITRO & NITRO ANALYTICS in REAL-TIME, you will be able to manage all of the above mentioned.

The video below, titled "Nitro For Salesforce: Gamification app for!" illustrates how to motivate and enhance your sales force team utilizing Gamification, through the NITRO platform. Manual incentive programs are obsolete .. Welcome to a gamified world!

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