May 31, 2012

People who are Better People than Me

Alright, in our previous posts on education (such as this), we have focused on gamification around the world.  Now we are going to bring it back to my home country, the United States, where you can find a lot of new start-ups trying to integrate gamification into their products. Gamedesk, a non-profit out of California, is trying to do this on a much broader scale by targeting at-risk youth.  To quote Beth Shiroshi from AT&T (Hat tip Coexist and Mindflash)

"We decided we were going to aim for exponential change in education"

That is a huge statement, but yet again it just goes to show that gamification isn't simply a nice buzzword... it is actually a revolution in how we combine learning with psychology.  And while it is sure nice to make a buck or two off of this new technique, it is good to know that there are groups of people out there such as Gamedesk who are doing this for free.

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