May 29, 2012

Gamification in the Workplace?

No, really... I'm working

Most of our posts thus far have been about how gamification relates to actual products.  This is for good reason, since there has been a great focus on how making mundane tasks fun can increase one's level of interest in said activity.  However, Forbes recently had a great article on how gamification can increase work production in three areas that people don't normally think about: 1) Recruiting 2) Learning and Development and 3) Health.  

Given that we have now moved into a knowledge-based economy, businesses have to have a renewed focus on making their employee's lives better.  Seeing that money alone is not a good motivator, businesses have turned to other methods to try to attract new employees and enliven those that they currently have.  While slides and swings in the office are a good start, perhaps gamifying the office is a better solution?

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