May 26, 2012

Helping while you learn

This time instead of sharing another business application of gamification I would like to introduce you to This free, non-for profit site was founded in 2007 by the United Nations World Food Programme and through a very simple yet addictive game allows you to collect rice that will then be donated to hungry countries all around the globe.

The game consists of guessing questions, for every correct answer you donate 10 grains of rice. This might sound like a little, but in 4 years has donated 6100 metric tons of rice and fed millions of people in places like Cambodia, Haiti, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. 

As you can see from our last couple of posts gamification goes well beyond a money making tool. It can also be used to create awareness of a social problem and help us get through difficult situations. 


  1. Thanks for sharing us. We think gamification can be one of the most powerful tools for social change. Social games for social change!

  2. Completely agree. Every day we find new applications for gamification that not only benefit companies and individuals but also help make the world a better place.

    Best luck to you guys!